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Mark Gonzalez, twice elected the District Attorney in Corpus Christi, is running for US Senate because Texans deserve a leader as tough as they are.  

Mark grew up in Agua Dulce, Texas, population 700.  He was active at his small high school, where he played most sports, but loved baseball.  When his parents divorced, Mark and his brother Eric lived with his dad in Agua Dulce, in a corner rental house that sometimes lacked electricity and hot water.  

Mark and his mom.

After high school, Mark moved in with his mom in Corpus Christi.  It was during this time he experienced a fork in the road.

At 19, Mark was arrested for a DWI.  He had no clue he needed a lawyer for court. Instead, he took his mom, whose motherly advice was simple: take responsibility and face the consequences. The consequence was a year of probation.  

A US Navy Airman from the local base came before the Judge later, same circumstances as Mark’s case, except he had a lawyer. His case was dismissed by the Judge. At that moment, Mark realized that his life had a new path, one that would help the community.

Mark worked hard for a second chance, and set high sights on helping others get their shot at one, too. After receiving his law degree from  St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Mark found his way back home to Nueces County, where he’s been a part of the community and understands what working families go through to make ends meet. 

Now, 43-years-old, Gonzalez is a tattooed Tejano lawyer whose empathy toward the downtrodden and first-generation work ethic lifted him into office in 2016, forcing national commentators to dub him, “The most unlikely DA in America.”  

As DA, Mark was responsible for meting out justice fairly for every felony committed in Nueces County, Texas – up to and including capital murder. The responsibility to represent the State, and stand-up for victims of violent crime, gave him a sense of duty to his community. 

At the age of 17, Mark met his future wife, Janna, in high school.  It took a little time, but life brought them together again. Now married, they have a happy blended family, including a separate house for his dad in the back. 

Mark with his two youngest daughters.

“The only way things are ever going to get better is if the people in positions of authority make sure that the deck is not stacked against the average Texan. As an elected official, I have a responsibility to make sure that the system is fair for everyone." - Mark